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Nicole and Rebecca coach writers who struggle to craft their inner magic into words. They transform budding writers into dynamic professionals, and wild ideas into powerful books.

The world is hungry for stories like yours and we want to help bring it to life. 

You know you have what it takes to be a writer.

  • Your ideas refuse to be wrangled. Your notes overflow with unruly concepts and your outlines take on minds of their own.
  • Your skills don’t stand up to the pressure of drafting. You’ve read the how-to books, listened to the podcasts, and joined the forums, but once you get drafting, it’s like you’re a newbie all over again.
  • You’re overwhelmed by the writing industry. Indie pub versus traditional. Writing to market versus writing for self. Pantsing versus plotting. And don’t even start with subgenres.
  • You have trouble completing a manuscript. Things just seem to fall apart halfway through. As if you didn’t spend hours and hours planning it out.
  • Your self-doubt is crushing. You’re terrified nobody will like your book.

Good news! Fixing those problems is what we do.

  • We provide thorough guidance. No flailing about trying to figure out where your time is best spent or what to do next. We guide you all the way through from beginning to end.
  • We help you understand the slippery things. How do you know which ideas are viable? What’s the best way to untangle a plot knot? How do you make successive scenes fall like dominoes?
  • We give chapter-by-chapter feedback. You’ll stay on track, be confident in the way forward, and get valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses.
  • We teach you skills you can use again and again. These benefits don’t disappear just because you wrote “The End.” They’ll serve you for years to come as you write book after book.
  • We get you to a finished draft. There won’t be any doubt in your mind that you’re not only fully capable of writing a good story, but ready to face the world of publishing.
book coaching

Got a finished manuscript that’s not living up to your vision?

What if you had a tailored list of questions to ask it? Questions that would help you hone in on what’s missing, determine just how much editing you need, and tell you where to go from here…

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“Rebecca is an insightful reader with a keen eye for detail. Her story development guidance was immensely helpful.” -Sarah Read, author of The Bone Weaver’s Orchard

“I wish I had hired Conquer Books years ago. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Nicole taught me every skill I was missing to write great stories.” – Siobhan Moore, author of True Lore

“Rebecca provided astute and effective guidance and advice. She must have made an accurate assessment of my needs because I received just the tools I need to take next steps and the confidence to do so.” – Bruce C.

“Nicole is an extremely skilled writing and developmental coach and editor. Her guidance had a profound impact on the quality of my writing.” -AnneMarie H.

“Not knowing what to fully expect when I started, I felt like I was being coached (one-on-one) by a college professor in a life-long writing course.” -John Safranski, author of Lost Faith

“Conquer Books is the perfect set of eyes to help you see your manuscript clearly.” -Michael K.

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Book Coaching

Create the manuscript of your dreams and launch your career with expert support.