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Are you overwhelmed by the writing industry?

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We coach writers who struggle to craft their inner magic into words. At Conquer Books, our job is to transform budding writers into dynamic professionals, and wild ideas into powerful books.

As speculative fiction fanatics, we know the world is hungry for stories that span universes and we want to help bring yours to life.

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Unlock Your Magic With Our Writing Services

Short Story Review

This compact service is designed to revise a short work and sharpen your writing by showing you how to improve.

Building a Story

Whether you’re new to writing or organizing an ambitious project, we supply the ingredients to cast your most powerful spell.

Developmental Edit

Bring us in for a full assessment of your manuscript. We’ll ensure your work comes alive on the page and captivates readers.

Line Edit

We tighten every screw and grease every cog so readers fly effortlessly through the universe you’ve worked so hard to build.

Full Book Coaching

Create the manuscript of your dreams and launch your writing career with expert support each step of the way.