Building a Story Writing Workbook

Behind the Scenes: A Writing Workbook for Fantasy and Science Fiction

Our Building a Story workbook covers the writing journey from crafting your writing schedule to completing a dynamic and detailed outline.

We wanted to turn our most successful writing program into a workbook that could help more speculative fiction writers.

It’s gratifying helping writers edit a book, but we kept saying to each other, “How can we help writers start their books off right?” We felt that if more writers had a better grasp on character development and story structure, they could write book one more easily, or write their second or third book more quickly.

And what if it was all geared towards science fiction and fantasy writers?

Building A Story Writing Workbook with Nicole and Rebecca

So, in Spring of 2023, we launched the first Conquer Books Kickstarter campaign to create our Building A Story writing workbook. So many of you agreed with the need, the project was fully funded in its first two weeks.

How we built a writing workbook

We had a head start on designing the workbook because we had already created resources and documents for our clients, but we needed to compile them all. They also badly needed a design update, and we planned to introduce several new topics in the book.

Once the project was funded on Kickstarter, our work process looked a bit like this:

Step 1: Rebecca compiled existing documents, updated them, and began laying them out.

Step 2: Nicole wrote 24 new pages of content.

Step 3: We introduced “The Turtle of Intermission” to ask questions along the way throughout the book, giving us opportunity to educate about adjacent writerly topics.

Step 4: Rebecca created a short section on worldbuilding essentials.

Step 5: Rebecca laid out the graphics, Nicole revised, it was oft repeated.

Step 6: We added in page numbers and built the table of contents.

Step 7: Copyediting from both of us.

Step 8: Proofreading from both of us.

And then here’s where things changed. We always intended for Building A Story to be a digital product. It’s the quickest way to get the project into writer hands. Digital also means you can refer to it as easily on your phone in the grocery store line as you can while on a writing retreat.

But our hands got itchy for that “print” button. We wanted to see and hold our writing workbook baby, so we’re excited to share that Building A Story will be available both digitally and in print.

Front cover of Building a Story Writing Workbook

How to use Building A Story

Building A Story is for any writer eager to start a new book. It covers the writing journey from crafting your writing schedule to completing a dynamic and detailed outline. The in-between teaches you how to create a character that readers actually care about, the necessary parts of every scene, and what methods work to spin out viable plot ideas.

We wish we had this book DECADES ago. Not just for sharing with our book coaching clients, but for ourselves. It was very gratifying for us to pour everything we’ve learned about starting a book into this project and are glad you can benefit from it now.

It takes hard work to turn a nugget of a story idea into a fully-fledged book outline. But you can do it. Our 85-page writing workbook will show you exactly how.

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