Conjure the Right Skills

Let’s dive deep into the realms of magic and alchemy (also known as writing) to uncover the power behind your story. We’ll lend you our secret potions and ominous chants to help you evolve into a Word Sorcerer (or, in this case, Experienced Novelist). Full Book Coaching means we partner with you on this journey and walk you through to a finished, polished manuscript ready for the publishing world.

Is your quest missing its wizard?

With Full Book Coaching, we work one-on-one with you every step of the way. You bring your ideas and your ambition; we’ll provide you the structure and guidance you’ve been seeking.

This options is for you if:

  • You want to move quickly and need expert help to save you time
  • You’re looking to invest in a solid foundation for your writing career
  • You don’t know how to achieve the vision inside your head

We’ll help you manifest your biggest dream.

We’ve spent years—decades even—researching and practicing so we could hone in on what combination of writing techniques work best. We’ve been through the wringer so you don’t have to. Alone, writers can sometimes spend their entire lives learning how to write well. With a coach, you can significantly condense the time it takes to go from aspiring to professional.

science fiction book coaching

We begin by taking you through our Building a Story program to get you acclimated with the functions of a story and situating you for success. Through that process, we’ll help you develop of full-fledged outline that will detail what happens in every scene along the way. Rest assured, each of those scenes will be tailored to reflect your character’s inner journey, plot movement, and tight pacing.

Once you’re ready to draft, we’ll review chapters as you churn them out and be readily available to keep you on track or help with any plot tangles you find yourself in.

When your draft is complete, it’ll get a comprehensive Developmental Edit. That means that during a total read-through, we’ll use our practiced eyes to find any lingering plot holes or loose ends. We’ll make sure plot and character are satisfied and that the story holds together as a whole.

After you make developmental corrections, we’ll give the manuscript an additional pass. This time, with a Line Edit, we’ll seek the small adjustments—grammar, voice, description, dialogue, and more.

This is the fast track to becoming a Writer Adept.

And still, there’s more. When the manuscript is finished, we provide publishing assistance. You’ll either get query letter assistance and help with agent targeting, or a briefing on how to be an indie publisher.

Overall, your story will be thoroughly studied and tweaked where necessary. And you, you’ll get an all-inclusive writerly makeover. Your skills will get the beefy boost you always dreamed of. You’ll feel more confident and capable than ever to move forward into being a career author.

What you get:

Regular, personalized coaching sessions throughout the entire journey.

Practiced help building a comprehensive outline that will continue to serve you as you write more stories.

A full developmental edit designed to form character  growth, smooth plot hitches, identify structural issues, and more.

A full line edit designed to fine-tune redundancies, narrative deviation, weak points in the dialogue, and more.

Support in time management, budgeting, and breaking down all the steps to a finished book.

A finished, polished manuscript you can be proud of, ready to make its way into the publishing world.

Exclusive resources on story-building including PDFs, videos, and reusable templates.

Access to us via email to touch base, pick our brains, or talk things out.