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Our most requested topic became our most popular program:

Building a Story

During our time as coaches, we noticed the same questions cropping up over and over. Many of the writers we worked with found difficulty with similar topics:

· An outline that feels flat

· A story that isn’t cohesive

· A plot that unravels

· Feeling too new to writing to know what to do

All these problems came down to the same root cause. It was not knowing how to structure a story before actually getting into the drafting phase. By the time a manuscript is ready to be edited, any errors made in the beginning are so entrenched they become major rewrites. And nobody likes that.

It was far more beneficial to our clients if we started the coaching process early, while the idea was still fluid. That way, we could guide the writer as their story was molded and defined. They benefited from expertise and years of story creation from the beginning. 

Thus, we created the BUILDING A STORY program to start readers off on the right foot. 

Six Weeks to a Completed Outline

Get a scene-by-scene map that will walk you through drafting to a story that functions

As fellow science fiction and fantasy authors, we understand how the complexity of your created world can run into the speed bump of…well…the real world. How are you going to shape all those fantastical details into a cohesive plot? What if the story you have so far doesn’t fit into a “saleable” format?

Our program takes writers from the fleeting glimpses of an idea, to a chapter-by-chapter map that walks you through to a completed draft. With the success of this program, we get to see writers move from a stage of uncertainty to delight as the light bulbs click on along the way.

story coaching
story coaching

We’ll get your draft started off on the right foot. As we walk you through Building a Story, we’ll help frame your world-building, anchor scenes, and character arcs to best enhance your story’s concept–something you can uses again and again as you write more books.

This option is for you if:

  • You’re a new novelist
  • Your world has grown too large to manage
  • Your outlines have a habit of falling apart mid-story
  • Your previous manuscripts didn’t turn out the way you hoped

What you get:

One-on-one help defining the needs of your story and how to fulfill them.

A foundation for success with realistic schedules and expectations.

Guidance on creating a unique character with their own desires and trajectory.

Discussion on how to construct scenes that fall like dominoes.

Our preferred outlining template that gives your story the structure it needs to stand on its own.

Partnership on expounding on ideas that grow into a tight yarn that runs from beginning to end.

Exclusive resources on story-building including PDFs, videos, and reusable templates.

Access to us via email to touch base, pick our brains, or talk things out.