Cast Effective Spells

One thing we know for sure, a misread spell can have disastrous consequences.

The lines of your manuscript are just as important. The content, style, and flow of your language have a profound effect on your reader and can make or break your ability to secure an agent or top indie charts. With your completed, revised manuscript, we’ll hone in on voice, tone, and strength. While we uncover weak points in dialogue, narrative deviation, wordiness, redundancies, and more, our top goal is to enhance your unique voice.

science fiction line edit
science fiction

This option is for you if:

  • Your indie book needs a final tune-up before proofreading and self-publication
  • You want to prepare your manuscript the best you can before submitting to agents
  • Your plot, characters, and setting are in place, but the work still isn’t shining
  • You know you still have redundancies, dialogue hiccups, and unclear descriptions but you can’t seem to find them yourself

With a line edit, we fine-tune your manuscript into a steadfast yarn. Your story will come away crisper, cleaner, and ready to lull readers into a trance.

What we provide:

An extensive read-through of your manuscript with an eye for those small nagging errors.

Insight into any bad writerly habits you may be hanging onto and advice on how to fix them.

A fully-annotated manuscript with in-line comments regarding word choice, consistency, and clarity.

An eight-page summary report explaining the context of our comments and providing guidance for improvement.

A follow-up personal coaching session to answer questions and discuss a path forward.

Access to us via email to touch base, pick our brains, or talk things out.