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Daughter from the Dark Book Review

Daughter from the Dark by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko explores the story of a displaced girl, a radio DJ, and a magical bear.

Daughter from the Dark Book Review

Summary: Self-absorbed DJ Aspirin comes across a young girl holding a teddy bear, unusual because of her location in a dark alley at night. Against his sense of self-preservation, DJ Aspirin offers her help and allows her to sleep on his couch. In the morning, the girl refuses to leave, stating she must stay to practice the violin and complete a musical quest. The only thing stopping Aspirin from kicking her out is the ominous teddy bear. He has yet to realize the web he’s been caught in is bigger than the three of them.

Daughter from the Dark by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko came out February 11, 2020. Let us know if this review helped you decide whether or not to read it, or comment and share what you thought of the Russian novel.

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