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They say, “If you want to be an expert at something, teach it.”

My goal is to have such a deep understanding of story that it becomes intuitive because I believe that to write an incredible book, you first have to understand what it’s supposed to look like when it’s complete. That sounds simple, but it is a lifelong journey. Sometimes it takes decades to fully understand story.

Since committing myself to this endeavor, I have written millions of words, was awarded the Silver Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest, have been a magazine columnist and senior editor, founded a science fiction and fantasy event company, taught workshops, gave speeches, and helped other writers make great strides in their skills.

For almost a decade, I worked at a used bookstore which provided me with intricate knowledge of the publishing industry, functional cover design, and market trends. It also allowed me to build a huge personal collection of science fiction and fantasy books. Thanks to these experiences, I have highly specialized knowledge on the genre and I know what makes speculative fiction tick.

This has all led me here, to Conquer Books, where I work with my sister Rebecca coaching other writers to finished stories. I greatly value the skills I have gathered and my job is now to pass them onto you.

When not immersed in teaching others, I can be found drafting my own works. No matter the season, you’ll find me in the speculative stacks. 

Nicole Van Den Eng