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One Year Anniversary of Conquer Books

Conquer Books has been running for a year! Thank you to the readers and writers that have supported along the way. Here's an update from us.

January 1, 2019 is the one-year anniversary of Nicole & Rebecca Conquer Books. We’ve had a wonderful time in 2018 writing, reading, and connecting with you. Read on for a picture of what Conquer Books did in 2018…and some wonderful news from Nicole & Rebecca.

2018 in Review

You may have realized this already, but when we started Conquer Books, we didn’t quite know what it was going to be. We knew we wanted to talk books, but what books, with who, and how, we weren’t 100% sure when we dove in last January. After a year of growing and reading, this is what happened:

  • Conquer Books is dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, and speculative literature. You can find us on the blogInstagramYouTube, Facebook, and on Twitter as individuals (Rebecca and Nicole).
  • We run a monthly online book club and post a vlog the second Wednesday of the month discussing the book and asking for your thoughts. You can jump on board by reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for January, or check out our YouTube Channel for past book reviews. We’re pleased to share that our vlog on George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood just hit 200 views on YouTube.
  • The fourth Wednesday of the month we blog about the newest SFF releases, our favorite authors, and trends in the genre. Nicole’s top post from 2018 was The Brandon Sanderson Lectures and Rebecca’s was Find your next book with our Recent Reads Guide.

Thank you to the more than 1,000 readers who have joined us this past year and shared about the great books they love to read. We’re happy you’re here.

Big News

Which leads us to the new changes around here. The first of which is we have a new Conquer Books logo we hope will make you smile:

Nicole and Rebecca Conquer Books Logo

The rest of the news concerns our personal writing, things we write when we’re not blogging about books on here.

Nicole’s working on a urban fantasy novel that is sure to magic you away from this world. Her novel is on draft two and her white board is filled with character development and plot twists.

Nicole is also a contributing writer for Appleton Monthly Magazine where she writes about local events and people, as well as the Life + Family column.

Rebecca wrote ‘The End’ just a few days ago on a science fiction novel. Thanks to everyone who has asked about her progress and especially to the beta readers who read it. They made all the difference in her final draft.

The book is called A Place in the Universe. It’s a 106k-word new adult novel about Yaniqui, a young woman whose planet was destroyed and is now adrift in the galaxy as a refugee.

In 2019, Rebecca will query the novel to literary agents. Querying a manuscript is a long process that may or may not end in a book deal, but Rebecca will share news when she has it.

Finally, Rebecca was recently named Editor in Chief of Appleton Monthly Magazine. If you live in the Fox Cities, look for the free issues available at 525 restaurants, cafes, and local businesses.

Thanks again for conquering books with us in 2018. We look forward to many more literary discussions and book jokes. Happy New Year.

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