The Building a Story Workbook: Print Version


During our time as coaches, we’ve seen the same problems crop up over and over again:

  • An outline that feels flat
  • A story that isn’t cohesive
  • A plot that unravels
  • Feeling too new to writing to know what to do

All these problems came down to the same root cause of not knowing how to structure a story before entering the drafting phase. Without that imperative knowledge, a finished manuscript winds up with entrenched errors that then require a rewrite. And nobody likes that.

Thus, we created the BUILDING A STORY Workbook to start readers off on the right foot.

Our workbook takes writers from the fleeting glimpses of an idea, to a chapter-by-chapter map that walks them through to a completed draft. It helps frame worldbuilding, anchor scenes, and adjust character arcs to best enhance the story’s concept.

The Building a Story Workbook will:

  • Set a foundation for success with realistic work schedules, expectations, and project outlooks
  • Walk you through the development of a unique character with desires and flaws
  • Discuss how to construct scenes that fall like dominoes
  • Give your story the structure it needs to stand on its own
  • Help you expound upon ideas so they grow into a tight yarn that runs from beginning to end

The lessons in this workbook will stick with you through your writing journey and enhance the way you view stories. You’ll be able to use it again and again as you move forward in your career.

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