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Speculative Fiction Book Coach

Rebecca's Bio

As a book coach, I help writers dig in to uncover the bloody, beating heart of their manuscript. I choose clients with stories I’m passionate about and work hard to make their work shine. I’m particularly motivated to help writers learn the ins and outs of the profession as we edit their work together. As a former magazine editor-in-chief, I’ve built a keen ear for voice and constantly have the reader in mind.

I’m a science fiction novelist myself so I understand the writer perspective. Writing has long been a daily part of my life but it wasn’t until Nicole encouraged me that I pursued it professionally and to great enjoyment. Nicole continues to be my #1 book coach. It’s Over or It’s Eden is my debut novel and it was a bestseller on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. My second novel, Dangerous to Heal, is part one of a space opera duology.

I’m also a founding member of Conquer Con, Appleton, WI’s science fiction and fantasy convention.

Rebecca Zornow

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