SciFi Sandwich: 8/17/20

The tastiest SF and Fantasy news to cross your plate

The tastiest SF & Fantasy news to cross your plate this week – publishing news, author updates, new releases, and more…

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Jade City by Jane Fonda to Become TV Series

Peacock has put in development Jade City, a series based on the first book in Fonda Lee’s bestselling fantasy trilogy The Green Bone Saga, from Dave Kalstein (Treadstone, Quantico), Breck Eisner (The Expanse, The Crazies), Dean Georgaris (The Brave), and Universal TV, where Georgaris is under an overall deal.

Measuring the Fallout After DC layoffs

The beloved comics creator, DC, has undergone some major changes recently – more bad than good, unfortunately. A full third of the editorial staff has been laid off, as well as everyone in the DC Universe division.

This shrinkage has been in the cards for a long time now but COVID-19 and its economic wake has sped up the inevitable. It hints at major changes yet to come. Read about what happened and what it could mean at SYFY Wire.

Midnight Sun Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer’s Midnight Sun Over One Million Sales

In week one, Stephanie Meyer’s new book has sold over one million copies. It’s the Twilight story written from Edward Cullen’s point of view and Meyer says there’s still more Twilight to come.


Tor’s Horror Imprint To Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

Tor’s new horror imprint, Nightfire, will be accepting unagented manuscripts from June 15th, 2021  to June 22th, 2021. 

“The Nightfire team is looking for novels and novellas for adults across the breadth of the horror genre—from the cosmic and Lovecraftian to the beloved undead tropes of zombies, ghosts, and slashers and the more uncanny and internal terrors of isolation, lost love, and aging.” See the submission guidelines here.


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The Story of Science Fiction

“AMC’s docuseries James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction is a love letter about how deep the love of science fiction can be for millions of fans. While primarily discussing these themes in films, there is a pure curiosity Cameron has while interviewing his guests, plus the commentary from a wide number of contributors, ranging from screenwriters, directors, SF authors & journalists, scientists and professors and historians, highlights how much Cameron, too, loves this genre of storytelling.”

Read about all the topics covered in the series. 

horror essay

Inside the Cult of Fear

Kali Wallace, author of Salvation Day, has written an essay on the Horror genre and what it means to use fear as an entertainment factor. She talks about how Horror helps us face the disasters we face in our daily lives and the uncertainty of the future. It’s about the way horror isolates its characters and brings out the fear of loneliness in all of us, but also how hearing these stories combats that feelings

Rebecca Roanhorse virtual tour

Rebecca Roanhorse Blog Tour

Rebecca Roanhorse is begging her blog tour in October to promote her new book Black Sun. See her schedule on the graphic above. If you’re unfamiliar with Rebecca Roanhorse, read this review by Grimdark Magazine on her first book: Trail of Lightning.


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Looking for a short read? Check out The Plague by Yan Leisheng from Clarkesworld Magazine (also comes with an audio version) or, for a darker read, try one from Lightspeed Magazine called Still You Linger, Like Soot in the Air by Matthew Kressel.


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electric breakfast by paul meloy
Electric Breakfast by Paul Meloy; ChiZine; 8/18/20
Drowned Country Emily Tesh
Drowned Country by Emily Tesh (Book Two); Tor; 8/18/20
How to Rule an Empire and Get Away with It
How to Rule an Empire and Get Away With It by K.J. Parker; Orbit; 8/18/20
Noumenon Ultra Marina Lostetter
Noumenon Ultra by Marina J. Lostetter (Book Three); Harper Voyager; 8/18/20
The Vanquished Queen Lisbeth Campbell
The Vanquished Queen by Lisbeth Campbell; Saga Press; 8/18/20


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Ready Player Two Ernest Cline

Ready Player Two out in November

The sequel to Ready Player One is on its way. It is, of course, planned to become a movie as well since the first installment made a whopping $580 million at the box office. Get ready for Ready Player Two.

Brandon Sanderson Rhythm of War

Brandon Sanderson’s Cover Reveal

Been keeping up on your Brandon Sanderson news? Then you’ll be anxiously awaiting his new book, due out November 17th. Now, you can see the cover art above, just revealed, for Rhythm of War.

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Nat RussoA Twitter writing tip by Nat Russo, author of Necromancer Awakening:

Decide is commonly overused. Make the character act, not decide to act, unless the *process of deciding* is more important than the actual decision.




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