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SFF Christmas Wish List

We've compiled some great gift ideas for the science fiction and fantasy book lovers in your life.


You’re here in this blog post because it’s the holidays and you need a gift for someone who loves science fiction and fantasy literature, so let’s get to it.

Book Ideas

For new book recommendations, you can check out these book lists by Nicole and Rebecca. All feature multiple selections. (For more in-depth blogs on authors or single books, visit our home page to browse our archives.) 

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A subscription to a science fiction magazine will give brand new short stories, author bios, and more every month. We recommend Fantasy & Science Fiction (6 big issues for $36) or Asimov’s Science Fiction ($35 for a year).

There’s nothing finer than a signed book by a favorite author. E-bay has a large selection and if you’re not hoping for a specific author, you can search by price. It’s a mixed bag, so check back often and leave time for shipping before Christmas. A signed novel by George RR Martin runs around $100, Stephen King $200, and Diana Gabaldon $60, but of course newer authors are more affordable. (The book pictured was a birthday gift from Nicole to Rebecca.)

Book Culture Ideas

If your pal has enough in their TBR pile, we have a few more ways for you to celebrate their love of SFF and bring a smile to their face. 

We like this set of Lord of the Rings bookends for $35 on Etsy, but there are plenty of designs, colors, and fandoms to choose from on the website.

This scratch off poster from Uncommon Goods is $15 and features 100 iconic books across all genres, including Harry Potter, Freakonomics, Animal Farm, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

alice necklace

You can get a customized book necklace here on Etsy for $21.12 and it is ready to ship in three days or less.

Bibliofile notecards

Every time you send someone a note, you can also give them a hand-picked reading list with Bibliophile Notes. There’s 20 different cards and each features a stack of books including ‘adventures in outer space’ and ‘beguiling mysteries.’ Barns and Noble has it for $11.24. (Rebecca has a set of these and they’re terrific.)





Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is out now and Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes out December 14 so give a theater gift card so you and your friend can go to book and comic inspired movies together.

SFF Christmas Wish List, Bookmark

Here’s two lists of creative and funny bookmarks, one from and the other from Some of these are as little as $5, so it’s also a great stocking stuffer idea.


If your friend is into books and board games, check out Hardback, the game where you write a novel. It’s $37.82 at Fowers.Games but the price is worth it for something you’ll play together time and time again. It’s a combination a word game and deck building. (Rebecca played this with friends and it’s a game open to lovers of all genres, not just SFF.)

War of the Worlds

You can get an uber stylish poster at for $18. There are a variety of colors and you get to choose the color pallet for your order. The matted prints include the book title and author and are ready to go for framing when they arrive.


Literary themed t-shirts for men, women, and kids let everyone declare their favorite books to the world. This Matilda t-shirt is $21 over at and they have tons of other options.


My Bibliofile is a well-designed, comprehensive reading journal. It includes spaces to review books as well as contains lists of top books to read by genre and award winners. It’s 160 pages and you can purchase it for $11.99 at

If you chose a gift item here or have any suggestions, let us know in the comments. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.


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