What is Conquer Books?

Conquer Books is a one-of-a-kind book coaching service. We bring you the kind of support you need to whip your storytelling abilities into shape. But we also provide highly specialized knowledge of the speculative fiction genres. With us, you’re not only going to write a good book, you’re going to write one that’s on point, marketable, and reaches for the stars.

We are Nicole and Rebecca, two sisters who started a book blog back in 2018 out of a desire to share our love for the science fiction and fantasy genre. We read books, wrote reviews, posted author updates, and made listicles about upcoming titles. The more we worked to be a part of the sci-fi and fantasy community, the more people reached out to us for help with their own original story ideas.

fantasy fiction coach

It wasn’t long before we were fielding questions about the best way to market yourself as an author or how to create more lovable characters. Our readers and viewers constantly wanted our thoughts on the writing side of things and eventually we transitioned to make that our focus. These days, that’s what we do as professional book coaches—we help writers level up their game.

Science Fiction coach

Far before our days on the internet began, we studied the craft of writing and put those lessons into practice. Together, we’ve written millions of words and have sifted through hundreds of writing techniques and how-tos, all so you don’t have to. We have not only two heads to offer you, but also two red pens.

Some Common Questions:

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