We Made Feedspot’s List of Top Sci-Fi Blogs

We're listed as one of Feedspot's top recommended science fiction blogs

Feedspot is a content reader where you can read all your favorite blogs, website, and other media, and have access to updates all in one place. It’s a time saver for those of us who don’t like to switch between ten different social apps, and also keeps the newest stuff on your screen, so you’re not rereading posts you already saw.

We’re posting about Feedspot because we’ve had the honor of being listed on their Top 50 Science Fiction Blogs And Websites for Sci-Fi Fans in 2020. We made the list among other blogs we greatly respect and admire, such as Clarkesworld, Orbit, and Barnes & Noble, and that makes us pretty darn giddy.

See the blog post for yourself at the link above, or check out their main site to see what Feedspot is all about.

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