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Nicole and Rebecca transform budding writers into dynamic professionals, and wild ideas into powerful books.

Your idea is big. Your characters are cool. Your tale is epic, innovative, and beginning to grow tentacles. But… is your story suitable for the world of publishing?

High-quality critique groups just don’t grow out of 4th dimension portals, but you’re still in need of pointed, encouraging, professional feedback.

Our job is not only to help you define the concepts and logistics of your story, but to put that know-how in your hands. We will help you create a stronger, smarter manuscript and build foundational blocks that will continue to guide you in your career as a writer.

Let's Conquer Those Books

Short Story Review

Does your story have
a short circuit?

Building a Story

Looking for the key
to your new universe?

Developmental Edit

Is your airship navigator
on course?

Line Edit

Are your spells
well cast?

Full Book Coaching

Need an alchemist to transform your writing into the career of your dreams?

Use Our Expertise To Your Advantage

For years, we’ve had our noses buried in science fiction and fantasy (and two noses are better than one) constantly reading, studying themes, and hunting down contemporary news. We’ve researched, blogged, marketed, plotted, drafted, edited, and queried our way into gaining unique insight into an extraordinary field of work. Sci-fi and fantasy has utterly stolen our hearts because of its ethereal ability to bring the human experience into focus using visionary stories. 

With one eye on the influence of classics, and one eye on the genre’s evolution, we can help identify where your work fits in, what will set it apart, and how to make it shine. 

What we bring you as SF & Fantasy specialists:

  • A professional editing experience sharpened by years of working on manuscripts just like yours
  • Broad proficiency with tropes, including what to avoid and what to update
  • In-depth understanding of the publishing landscape and process
  • An unparalleled passion for stories that communicate truth through the fantastical
Nicole Van Den Eng
Book coaches
Rebecca Zornow, author

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