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The Best Tweets about Writing

We've rounded up the best tweets about writing. Twitter has a lot of great writing advice on publishing, careers, and the writing craft.

The Best Tweets about Writing

This November on the Conquer Books blog, we’re focusing on the art of writing. Twitter is one of those things that can strengthen your writing career, connect you to an agent, and build a following. Alternatively, you can spend a lot of time fuming at political tweets or trying to figure out the perfect hashtag instead of getting your daily word count in.

But all in all, I’m a fan of writing Twitter. Because us writers do a lot of our work alone, we don’t benefit from the casual conversations and mentorship that comes from an office environment. Through Twitter, I’ve met some online buddies and learned a lot.

I sorted through all the tweets about writing I liked in 2019 and pulled out the best pieces of advice just for you (and you and you and you). Some of the threads are definitely worth opening up. Be sure to follow these writers and agents for more good advice. You can find me on Twitter @RebeccaZornow.

Down below you’ll find:

  • Advice for Your WIP (work in progress)
  • On Getting Published
  • On Business
  • Inspiration

Advice for Your WIP

On Getting Publishing

On Business




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