How to Start a Book

Wondering how to start a book? At Conquer Books, we've spent years perfecting the process in creating a new story. Let us show you how.

Most new writers don’t stop and ask themselves how to start a book. They just start writing with little knowledge of the system or what it takes to build a great book.

And though writing a book itself is hard, things get harder. It’s often said that writers write an average of four books before landing a literary agent. It’s also often said that indie authors need to write and launch twenty books before they bring in a full-time income.

What does this mean?

That it takes time to learn how to write a book.

But what if you could get there faster?

What if you could do less rewriting, feel more confident, and create stories readers truly fell in love with?

What if you knew how to start a book?

What's the problem?

Often, writers start with little idea of what makes a good book good. Even heavy readers, English majors, and former journalists don’t have the level of creative writing experience it takes to be a master storyteller on their first few tries.

We talk with writers who have spent years laboring over manuscripts with core structural problems. They’re passionate about their idea, they believe in their story, they’ve put in the effort, and yet the manuscript still fails to enthrall, even fails to work as a story.

This is painful for us too. We know that a strong foundation and thoughtful story outline can clear up those issues before a writer spends months or even years drafting.

That’s exactly why Nicole and I created our Building a Story package. We want writers to benefit from our years of experience fixing plots, tweaking character arcs, and building stories that captivate agents and readers alike.

We want to tell you exactly how to start a book.

The Process

Our Building a Story package is a six-week program where Nicole or I work with a writer one-on-one to build everything they need to write a great story including:

  1. The Foundation
  2. Character Development
  3. Essential Scenes
  4. Story Beats
  5. Outlining
  6. Story Expansion

Each week has its own theme and includes resources exclusive to Conquer Books clients. We assign you exercises and homework to push you in the right direction. Along the way, we discuss your progress through four video calls and in-manuscript comments on your homework. 

It’s still your story. It’s still your vision. But we help you get to the root of it faster.

When you’re done, you have a solid concept and master outline. You can sit and write with confidence.

But, the best thing about Building a Story?

When you’ve finished with our program, you know exactly how to start a book. You’ve grown as a novelist and have the tools to write your next great book.

How to Get Started

If this sounds like a good fit for you, get in touch via our Contact page. Either Nicole or myself will be in touch within two business days to set up a free 20-minute video call to discuss how we can help you grow your story idea into a full book.

We’d love to hear about it.

P.S. Looking for more about starting out as a writer? Check out our video How to Launch a Writing Career or our post on Worldbuilding Tips for Science Fiction Writers.

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